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What is it?

At the Hackdays Baden-Württemberg, 200 innovation pioneers (students, founders, young & experienced professionals) in the fields of development, business, design, and many others come together online to make digitalization happen for 10 leading companies in the economic metropolis of Baden-Württemberg.

Introduced and mentored by company representatives, the pioneers work in heterogeneous teams to find creative solutions for your most decisive business challenges within 48 hours. These solutions are presented to a jury and prizes are awarded to the best teams.


After the hackathon, the goal is to implement these solutions within your company to provide a sustainable boost of digitalization.

Application for talents opening soon!


Our Challenge Setters

Are you a company based in Baden-Württemberg and ready to take the next step in your digital transformation? Become one of our Challenge Setters and let our international talents hack your individual corporate challenge.


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