What is a Hackathon?

The term “hackathon” derives from the words “to hack” and “marathon” which basically sums up the main idea of a hackathon: a marathon for hacking!

So, what does it entail? It’s an event in which participants with different kinds of backgrounds come together to work in teams on technical, business, and design problems, e.g. to develop a software- or hardware-product. The goal is to generate useful, creative or innovative software/ hardware prototypes/ ideas within the time span of the event (in our case 48h).

Who should apply?

Anyone interested in working on a digital tech or design challenge is welcome to apply. No matter whether you are a geek, a creative or a business guy or none of the above, if you want to take part in one of our Hackdays events, do not wait a minute to apply: We are looking for greatly heterogenous teams. Everyone has a fair chance to get accepted!

What is your motivation to participate? What is your professional background? Have you already participated in other hackathons? In case you are still underage, you are also more than welcome to apply. Please be aware that you will need a legal guardian/parent during the event – in accordance with the law.

What are the selection criteria?

As all challenges are unique in their setup, they also require different types of talents. Hence, we are looking for highly heterogenous teams.

During the application process, you will prioritize the challenges according to your interests. Our challenge setters will then select their favorite participants out of the pool of applicants interested in their challenge. As a participant, you will get notified which one of them accepted you, so you can have the final say.

Where will I stay and what do I bring?

Ideally, you come well rested and in a good mood to our hackathons. Besides that, you need to take care of your accommodation by yourself (we will reimburse up to 45€ per night and person), bring your laptop and items you need for your personal comfort. Everything else like food, drinks, technology and social events is organized by us, so you can have an unforgettable event.

What are the goals of the event?

Our main goal is to organize an amazing and memorable event for you as a participant.

Other objectives are the development of a first prototype of an economically viable, desirable and feasible digital solution for the challenge setters, and demonstrating how appealing working and living in the specific region is.

Where will the Hackdays Events take place?

For all our Hackdays events we bring together all talents and corporates at one awesome location in the specific region, so you can inspire and empower each other!

How do I find a team?

After you receive the confirmation that you have been accepted, we will invite you to our communication channel that will be for the certain event exclusively. You can use this tool to communicate with other participants before the event and to find potential team members.

In any case, on the first day of the hackathon there will be a team building and ideation phase after our kick-off which includes a detailed presentation of all challenges.

Are Hackdays for free?

Yes! For the course of the hackathon, food, drinks, accommodation (*up to 45€ per night, per person), and technology will be provided by us. We also cover up to 100% of your travel costs. For this reason, please let us know from where you will travel to the location during the application process.

What are the prizes?

First of all, we hope that you all go home with good memories of the hackathon and the feeling that you’ve had a good time working with leading German corporations. Furthermore, we also have some prizes for the best performance: For each challenge, the challenge setter will award a winning team. Out of all teams, we will award three overall winners in the categories best demo, best solution, and audience award in the value of 3,000.00€

Who owns my work and IP?

All challenge setters will handle IP related questions according to own corporate guidance. We will let you know what these guidances are as soon as they are provided to us.

Who organizes Hackdays?

All Hackdays events are organized by The Hackathon Company GmbH.

Can I apply as a team?

Yes, this is a possible option. During the application process you will have the chance to name your favorite team members. However, please be aware that due to our selection process, every team member has to apply individually. We cannot guarantee that every team member gets accepted for the hackathon and chosen for the same challenge.