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online hackathon for women by women 

June 24-27 2021

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What is it?

At HerHackathon, 250+ international female digital natives (students, founders, young & experienced professionals) in the fields of IT development, business, design, and many others will come together online to solve various challenges of 7 leading companies in Germany!

The digital pioneers will join forces with the company representatives to find creative and innovative solutions for your most decisive challenges - within 72 hours. The best solutions will be awarded with great prizes.

HerHackathon is also a platform facilitating numerous opportunities for future projects and collaborations after the hackathon!

We need an all-female hackathon to...

  1. Counter underrepresentation of women in tech

  2. Develop gender-inclusive solutions and products

  3. Benefit from the advantages of diversity

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Are you ready for HerHackathon?

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10.000 EUR



4.000 EUR



2.000 EUR

Your HerHackathon experience.



Develop inclusive solutions

and products



Expand your network with like-minded women and be part of the HerHackathon community



Participate in trainings and workshops on female empowerment



Pitch your solutions and win great prizes!



Discover the inside world of 7 major companies



Do what you love and enjoy a good time with inspiring people!

Your Challenges & Challenge Setters.

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Empowering Women on Investment 

While women represent more than half of the population in Europe, 70% of stocks are owned by male investors. The payment gap and the different savings and investment behavior between women and men often lead to a gap in investment and pension insurance. Join Allianz Global Investors to close this gap with your insights, passion, data analysis skills and Natural Language Processing technique! Learn more


Sustainability & Regio Calculator

In our everyday life each of us creates a big amount of CO2 emissions, which drive climate change. We can live a more sustainable life by calculating our CO2 footprint and by trying to reduce and compensate it. Create an innovative app solution allowing individuals to calculate their CO2 footprint and to find regional and sustainable ways to compensate it. Let’s build together a better and greener future! Learn more

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AI for Sustainability in Production

The production of high-tech products in the mobility sector is based on a complex supply chain. When launched to the market, the sustainability of products is also relevant. In order to make product development more sustainable: which aspects have to be considered and which data is needed? How can we motivate data providers to share data with companies that want to make their production more sustainable; and how can companies be motivated to contribute? Come up with an AI model that helps to enable “sustainability by design” and let’s work together on the future of mobility!

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Stock Markets and Social Media – Which Stock is Hot or Not?

Many people want to invest money in stocks and need support to find the necessary information. Research shows that a growing number of (potential) investors extensively make use of social media to inform themselves about investment opportunities. Data from social media is the largest and most dynamic dataset about human behavior, provided on platforms we all use every day. Why shouldn’t interested people use it? Come up with a solution to help people answer the question: which stock is hot or not? Learn more


How to match artificial intelligence and inclusion? 

Algorithm-driven decision-making processes in digital companies are a result from Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms. However, these approaches are often discriminatory towards women and minorities. Overall lower incomes of women lead to a worse credit scoring for all women, and often job portals suggest worse job offers to people with migration background. Develop an innovative tool to help us counter gender-based bias in algorithms. How can this bias be identified, analyzed, and cleaned, to deal more responsibly with digitization? Learn more


How sustainable is the code?

Every line of code you write has an impact on the environment and on your surroundings. Wouldn’t it be cool to see how you can make your code more sustainable? Green coding practices aim to not only produce code that runs efficiently, but also to optimize resources across the whole software lifecycle. Develop an evaluator that fosters transparency about the impact of code! The solution should evaluate code according to specific metrics indicating sustainable principles, like “How many resources are necessary to run a program?” and “What is the potential for optimization? Learn more


Accelerate a more sustainable future!

How can companies support and enable their employees towards approaching one's everyday life more sustainably? Create with us a smart solution that empowers employers to motivate their employees in a gamified way to act more sustainable in their daily life, raise awareness, track efforts and celebrate progress as a community. Learn more

Key Facts.




selected participants




Mobile phones are too big for female hands

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Medication is usually not tested on women

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The health app had no cycle tracking until 2019


Face masks fit worse on female faces


Voice assistants recognise women‘s voices worse

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Women get injured more likely during car accidents

Do we need more reasons? Let’s act!



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