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The Rhein-Neckar hack is back!

From 🤝 physical experiences to 💻 online adventures: that is the story of #hackdays and #COVID19. When the crisis hit us super unexpectedly, we took the chance and powered online hackathons. We took the high road first, because that is what we always do, and co-organized the pan-European hackathon #EUvsVirus. Both #wirfürschule and the OSCAR&PAUL Battleweeks by Beiersdorf followed with great success. A huge triumph came with Hackdays Baden-Württemberg, where we proved that online hackdays are just as effective as their on-site forerunners. Now, we are also turning Hackdays Rhein-Neckar around!

We love hackathons! The on-site experience is unique. 100% community, innovation, and inspiration. Valuable face-to-face time. But we are a bit in a pickle…

In March 2020, the World Health Organisation declared the Corona outbreak a global pandemic. This pandemic is more than a health crisis. It is rooted in how we treat our planet, how we prioritise our social connections. And it is impacting our lives for much longer than we expected. At hackdays, we were affected as well – we had to cancel one of our main events of the year: Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2020.

Afterwards, our whole team stayed at home for several weeks! Home office has turned out to be quite a challenge but that everybody is managing very well. With a great team spirit and courage, we moved on. We connected our passion for hackathons and the needs of our times – and we co-initiated Europe’s first joint hackathon, #EUvsVirus! We tackled the Coronavirus with a community of more than 20,000 international talents – every single one eager to help. All online, but closely connected.

Inspired by this success, we staged our first online hackdays. Here, we want to start a quick thought experiment with you to see how hackdays looks like online. Imagine an atom. The atom nucleus is our hackdays core of highly qualified innovation pioneers, versatile challenges, and leading challenge setters with the outcome of ground-breaking digital solutions. It is hard to split in real life and indestructible in our case 💪.

The atom orbits are the additional structure like location, food & beverages, ceremonies, workshops, speakers and so forth. That structure has to change (at least for the moment) and we want to change it for the better! We host virtual side activities like video pitch training or dance-a-longs as well as livestreams to celebrate our wins and build a feeling of togetherness wherever you are.

In the beginning, this was hard to imagine for us as well. But at the end, we were able to turn the whole Hackdays Baden-Württemberg virtual. The event attracted more than 350 applications from 36 countries all over the world, delivered 33 innovative solutions for 9 leading companies in the Baden-Württemberg area.

And now, we are confident to smash the next hack – and bring Hackdays Rhein-Neckar back for you! Better late than never – all online, all good! What does this mean? It will be a corona-proof hackathon this time! We offer you a memorable hacking experience with an international crowd of inspiring hackers. Shape the digital future while staying safe at home. Hack, eat, sleep (maybe), repeat!

👥150 innovation pioneers who make digitalization happen while staying safe at home

🌆 8 leading companies from the technology metropolis of Rhein-Neckar

💥 8 challenges in the field of in the fields of farming, finance, healthcare, sports & more

🎁 3 hackathon-wide winner categories: Best Pitch, Best Solution & Audience Award

📅 together on 25-28 February 2021

APPLY NOW: https://digitalregistration.typeform.com/to/Wlvyq8Lx

We are looking for talents all over the worlds with different background! People usually think that a hackathon is a place only for software developers. BUT it is for everyone! You enjoy…. ❢ developing apps, frontend, backend & more

❢ composing UX/UI, graphic, web & other designs

❢ creating business cases

❢ analysing data

❢ marketing a new product

Or do you simply love generating new ideas for tackling the challenges of the future? Then this is the right place for you! You can either apply individually or as a team. Check out all our diverse Challenge Setters on the event website: https://www.hack-days.de/rhein-neckar-2021

About the author:

This article was written by Anh Nguyen & Kira Biernat

All photos are taken from our design materials.